Brazilian way to Europe


Hello! How are you!

Welcome to “Blog do DricaRibas”! If you are learning portuguese now, you can have the opportunity to improve it. Here, I writte about European Culture and Politics for my brazilian audience, as well about my life in Europe,in many aspects.

If you want it, you can visit my two others blogs. First one in English and German. There, I write about my life in Europe, in the perspective as a foreign living here. If you interest to visit it, you will be wecome.

My second blog is only in portuguese. There I write about Brazilian Politcs. If you learn Portuguese and want to know about the real brazilian politics, it is a great opportunity for you! As journalist, still in Brasília, I had a couple of jobs as Press Officer. In my second blog, you can have a look here.

I hope, you liked it! Thank you for your visit!

Adriana Ribasmayer